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Description of this Heartbeat

Absolute Fitness is an app that helps people of all ages stay in shape and be healthy. There are lots of features, for example you can listen to free music without paying, we will also provide a link to an active wear site so you can get some workout clothes. This app allows you to keep track of calories and make sure you stay healthy.We focus on being healthy, but if people feel they need to be in better shape absolute fitness will help you with that too in a steady routine and timeline.This app may also provide a guide to healthier food choices and some of the most effective workout positions/stretches.

Why is this issue personal to you?

Its a personal issue because some girls between the ages of 13-64 feel insecure about their body and do not like the way they look. With this app that can change and you can be what you want to be and to not let others get you down.

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Why should other people care about this heartbeat?

With this app people who are insecure and feel unwanted, they can come to our app for tips and to make your day great. Working out has your benefits.

This app could help some people who live an unhealthy lifestyle and want to change, do exactly that and live healthy.

App Features

Our app will include free music to download, a website to create a good guide and see how many calories you have consumed in one day. We will also include a website to a workout gear and clothes. using modern day technology, we can suggest gyms near you.

We could have a healthy meal generator, that will create combinations and teach the users what is healthy and what isn't.

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