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Insert your advertising copy here. It should be no more than 250-300 words and will be text like you would insert at the top of the app store. See the examples shown here.

Embed your office Sway here - including your pitch video, this presentation should effectively pitch your app to the world and should include at least 5 screenshots. You may include a total of up to 5 minutes of the film including your app trailer.

App Questions

Answer the following questions.
What is your user getting by downloading this app? The Importants Of Education.

Is your app just a bundle of various app links? Or is it really providing some functionality as an app to the user who downloads it?

Does your app work as advertised?

Does your app have undocumented or hidden features?

Is your app unique and not just websites pulled together? Does it have entertainment value?

Is your app just a marketing tool or does it do anything else?

Do you have any tricks or fake functionality that isn't clearly marked?

Is your app a song, a movie or a book? More Like A Book

Do you mention other apps in your app? If so, what and how? No

Do you mention anything besides Apple products or another store in your app like Google Play or Windows Phone?

Is every app screen completed with text on it?

Do you use the same font and font size throughout the document? Do you use title case? Have you alpha tested and made sure all buttons work?

Does your icon look like apps bundled with the iphone? Yes

Do all of your buttons link to pages that are the same name as the button? Do all buttons on all pages work? Yes

Do you have any app screens that look like the apple home screen?


Include the 5 app screenshots that you plan to include if your app is selected to be released.