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Animal abuse is the hurting or injuring of pets or other animals by humans.
Project Manager: IvanaSantiago2019
Assistant Manager: FBS_EthanW

Description of this Heartbeat

In this heart we are focusing more on animals and stopping animal abuse. Stopping animal abuse and being caring and loving to animals we are showing others that loving animals isn't a bad thing. Showing others that loving and caring about animals is not a terrible thing stops animal abuse.

We should help bring awareness to the massive issue of Animal Abuse. Every year thousands of cats, dogs, and several other animals are abused and hurt by awful people, and we need to spread awareness about it so we may be able to make a difference and help some animals.- Ethan W

Why is this issue personal to you?

In other words, each student who is working on this heartbeat should give a personal example or story about why this is an important issue. Remember, don't reveal any personal information or information that you're not comfortable sharing. Consult with your teacher for ways to share this information in an appropriate way.

I believe that animal abuse is a really important issue in our world and is continually an awful thing. I don't have any personal story relating to the topic, as I have always treated my and other pets well, but I absolutely hate that anyone would hurt such precious and innocent creatures. I love animals and want to protect them and spread awareness towards this terrible issue. - FBS_EthanW

Animal abuse, as everyone knows, is absolutely horrible. Once, when I was about 12, A dog came up to our house, wanting food, shelter, and mostly love. After feeding it, me and my mom realized that it's legs we're hurt, there was burn marks all over the dog, and the dog was very scared. As far as I know, I have not seen the dog since, but I know that some crazy p there will do things to such animals. I want to at least do something about it, and this is a good chance. -FBS_Ashton B

This heartbeat is important to me because of the animals. I really like animals and they should not be treated like they should. I think that animals are better friends than people. People Say that dogs can be dangerous but, they only act like that because that's how they were treated. -FBS_WilsonG

This heartbeat is important to me because animal abuse is not right. I care a lot about my animals at my house, and if anything happened to them it wouldn't be good. beating an animal is not right, for no reason and not letting dogs out of cages are also. - WHS_Caleb G.

Showing others that animal abuse is not right is a great thing to do. Many people get hurt or may be in a bad position in their life and take everything out on animals, and this could help them realize that's not the right thing. I think this will show others that animals are loving and we should take care and save them. I hope to show others that every animal has a purpose. - WHS_Aly

Animal Abuse is very serious problem. Animals are sweet creatures who only are here on this earth to help us. Animals are truly amazing and are very good friends. Animals do not deserve the abuse that they get. Help us change this so no more animals have to go through this pain for no reason. -WHS_Leann

This heartbeat is important to me because there are a lot of people who abuse animals. Animals are basically like a human. These animals need our help to STOP animal abuse. I have seen an animal that has been abused and I cried. It is like a person being abused. We should STOP ANIMAL ABUSE.- WHS_Ivana

I feel like animal abuse has always been a big problem. In my neighborhood a guy was abusing his animal. He abused him so badly the dog got really aggressive and would come to my house. I have a small dog so we were always scared of him hurting my dog. We helped that dog by calling animal services and the dog is now in better hands. - LGM_Zacki

This heartbeat is important to me because my dog used to be abused by my neighbors. The dog escaped from my neighbors house everyday and came to my house. Since then she used to come everyday until she just stayed with us. She had some signs of abuse and since then I have cared a lot about animals. -CL_SebastianP

This is personal to me because I saw my dad slap my dog once. I saw my sister run into her room crying and I just walked into my room after he left in anger. I couldn't believe what he did, and I try not to remember it as much. Probably why I barely remember it at all. This issue has been raised multiple times and almost little to nothing has been done about it. We need to help stop animal abuse. - FBS_JakeE

I have always thought that animal abuse is a horrible thing and the fact that people are doing this is to their animals is even worse. You should also remember that animals are living, breathing, things that should be treated just like our own. Also there were these 2 pitbull mixes that the people next door would keep chained outside and never fed you could see their bones. One day one of them got lose and came to our house we fed him and he just devoured it. The horrible thing was its not that they couldn't afford it they had plenty of food for themselves and the dogs. We called animal control and they wouldn't do anything so they both eventually dies even though all the food we gave them wasn't enough. -LGM_Jodig

Research and Facts About this Heartbeat

  • One of the most heinous ways of animal cruelty is dog fighting. Stop the fighting- FBS_WilsonG

  • Most of the time they cut off they're ears and tails to minimize the body signs and limits what the other dog can grab on to -FBS_WilsonG

  • The most common victims are animal abuse in descending order are Dogs, Cats, Dogs(pitbulls. pitbulls make of 20% of all dogs abused), Horses, and Live stock( )-FBS_EthanW

  • 71% of domestic abuse victims reported that their abuser also targeted pets(

  • The most common form of cruelty towards animals is Neglect, after that it is several forms of injuring the animal.(

  • Over 1,000 cases are reported every year, probably much more happen animals just can't reported.

  • Approximately 6.5 million companion animals enter U.S. animal shelters nationwide every year. Of those, approximately 3.3 million are dogs and 3.2 million are cats. We estimate that the number of dogs and cats entering U.S. shelters annually has declined from approximately 7.2 million in 2011. - FBS_JakeE


Why should other people care about this heartbeat?

Animals are living, breathing creatures just like we are, and while they don't have the ability to reason like we do, they still have emotions and feelings and can feel pain. Animal abuse is just awful, no animals deserve to be injured by a human just because the person is angry or mad. People should care about this because we are just like animals, and animals shouldn't be abused for selfish reasons by people.

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