Anxiety & Bullying

Remember that for an app to move forward, it must meet the criteria for a greenlight. Check the Heartbeat mapping page for more information.

Description of this Heartbeat

Why is this issue personal to you?

In other words, each student who is working on this heartbeat should give a personal example or story about why this is an important issue. Remember, don't reveal any personal information or information that you're not comfortable sharing. Consult with your teacher for ways to share this information in an appropriate way.

Research and Facts About this Heartbeat

  • Include facts and hyperlinks about this heartbeat topic to "make your case."

Why should other people care about this heartbeat?

It is a big deal when someone has anxiety or being bullied because it could ruin there life, think of suiside, and might run away.

App Features

After you've made your case and have the issues spelled out, you can start mapping out features that you think could be in an app.

Heartbeat Creations

If you create anything digital, here is where you can include it.

Students Mapping this Heartbeat

Include your name and school code. Remember that no more than 3 people per school for MAD-Senior without permission. No more than 2 from one class period at a school. Please consult your teacher if you're not sure.
  • JazaiahC_CSK
  • AniyaM_CSK