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Do you have a goal set for yourself that you are having trouble reaching? Or do you just need some inspiration to help you through the sports season? Well if you’re struggling with either of these or need any type of inspiration in your daily life, you should try out our app, Athletes Matter. Inspiration is the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative. I have realized throughout my daily life as an athlete that I need lots of inspiration to be able to reach my goals, so this is what our app does. For starters, our app includes a page of different athletes from different sports. These athletes inspire us because despite of their faults and hard times, they have still managed to come out on top. Next, we have a page of different videos. These 10 videos have different topics that can inspire you in different stages of your goal. Also, we have a page of quotes that we have seen and put into inspiring photos. These quotes can be shared with your friends or even on your accounts. Lastly, we have pages that are used to help you reach a goal. These pages show you steps that can help you in your goal reaching process. Overall, our app incorporates different ways to inspire teens and adults into one thing that can be used throughout anyone’s daily life. Our apps content can be shared, or even used to inspire a whole sports team! We hope you would download and enjoy our app!

App Questions

Answer the following questions.
What is your user getting by downloading this app?
-Our user gets all of the inspiration they need to accomplish a goal or to stick with a sport they are struggling in. I know how much teenagers need encouragement, and that is what our app tries to do.

Is your app just a bundle of various app links? Or is it really providing some functionality as an app to the user who downloads it?
-No, our app includes great links for athletes.It provides good advice and different stories from other athletes that may have gone through the same situation.

Does your app work as advertised?
-Yes, everything is linked to different types of pages for more inspiration and information.

Does your app have undocumented or hidden features?
-No, all of our features are shown to our customers.

Is your app unique and not just websites pulled together? Does it have entertainment value?
-It's unique. We have videos and quotes that you can share with friends, and amazing stories of different athletes.

Is your app just a marketing tool or does it do anything else?
-It inspires athletes and helps encourage teens through life.

Do you have any tricks or fake functionality that isn't clearly marked?
-No, everything is clearly marked or able to be linked to in our app.

Is your app a song, a movie or a book?
-Our app is none of these, it is original.

Do you mention other apps in your app? If so, what and how?
-Yes, our app includes links to different YouTube videos.

Do you mention anything besides Apple products or another store in your app like Google Play or Windows Phone?
-No, we do not.

Is every app screen completed with text on it?
-Yes, all of our screens include text.

Do you use the same font and font size throughout the document? Do you use title case? Have you alpha tested and made sure all buttons work?
-For the most part, yes. Sometimes we used bigger and bolder fonts to emphasize things that were important to us. We have alpha tested and are positive that our buttons work.

Does your icon look like apps bundled with the iphone?
-No, it does not. Ours is original.

Do all of your buttons link to pages that are the same name as the button? Do all buttons on all pages work?
-Yes, they are all linked and all the buttons work.

Do you have any app screens that look like the apple home screen?