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Videos make out heartbeat and we hope that this app will help videos make your heartbeat too. We created this app to influence you to love movies and videos just as much as we do. The topics that this app covers have made a huge impact on our life and this is something that we care deeply about. We hope that you can have the same life changing experiences as us. Our app gives you direct access quotes, gifs, pictures and links to our favorite movies and videos. Everything that we have put in the app has been picked and selected by us. Our quotes section has categories that consist of motivational, inspirational, and happy. All quotes have narrowed down by us from our favorite movies. We then have gifs that consist of 10 motivational gifs and 10 funny gifs. Which again was narrowed down by two very funny guys in our group. Next we have movies which have categories that contain our top 10 animation, action and comedy movies. After that we have videos which contains links YouTube of our favorite funny, informational, and inspirational stories and videos. Our last section is pictures which includes memes that we have created with the topics of funny and motivational. After you download our app please contact us! You will find our email under the contact us section and we would love for you to send us an email and tell us what you think. We hope that you will enjoy it as much as we enjoyed creating it!

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App Questions

Answer the following questions.
What is your user getting by downloading this app?
They are becoming more inspired and motivated through pictures, gifs, videos, and movies.

Is your app just a bundle of various app links? Or is it really providing some functionality as an app to the user who downloads it?
It is providing beneficial information to someone searching for motivational and inspirational guides.

Does your app work as advertised?

Does your app have undocumented or hidden features?
Our app has an undocumented feature. If you click share on the gifs, you can share a gif with someone. This could be considered hidden because the app doesn't advertise this feature.

Is your app unique and not just websites pulled together? Does it have entertainment
This app has a wide variety of entertainment. We have video clips from different movies and funny or inspiring gifs for the user to watch.

Is your app just a marketing tool or does it do anything else?
It provides famous quotes from different categories of movies and links to our favorite movies.

Do you have any tricks or fake functionality that isn't clearly marked?
No, everything is clearly labeled and works properly.

Is your app a song, a movie or a book?
In some ways, yes.

Do you mention other apps in your app? If so, what and how?
We didn't mention any other apps.

Do you mention anything besides Apple products or another store in your app like Google Play or Windows Phone?
We didn't mention those.

Is every app screen completed with text on it?

Do you use the same font and font size throughout the document? Do you use title case? Have you alpha tested and made sure all buttons work?
We do not use all of the same font and font sizes. Some of them are in italics and others are in completely different fonts. We do use title case on a few of our pages. We have alpha tested to make sure everything works.

Does your icon look like apps bundled with the iPhone?
No, we used our own original design.

Do all of your buttons link to pages that are the same name as the button? Do all buttons on all pages work?
Yes, all buttons link and all buttons work.

Do you have any app screens that look like the apple home screen?
No, we do not.


Include the 5 app screenshots that you plan to include if your app is selected to be released.