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We cannot change the app title, so It's not called "A Teen's Guide to Relationships" It's actually called "Trackfat" but it won't let us change the name, so please don't get confused about the title. THANK YOU :).

Description of this Heartbeat

This is a heartbeat that you can track your everyday eating habits. Breea and I have sufficiently made this app to improve people's diets and eating habits for the better. So, you will make a list of the things you eat everyday and there will be recommendations for what foods you should switch and what foods you should include in your diet. We want to make people feel more confident by tracking their diet and getting healthy based on the facts our app will tell the individual when they save their everyday diet. This is how you gain confidence, not throwing away your self-care and hygiene and let yourself become a mess. This app will help everyone be the person they aspire to be. (There is different sections for each meal of the day). here's a link to a good article on the keys to having a good diet.

Why is this issue personal to you?

I find that it would be a good idea to track my daily diet to see if i over or under eat, I encourage kids to do the same. Undereating is as bad and unhealthy as overeating. It should be taken as seriously as obesity. I personally know and have experienced underweight circumstances where it is scary and effects your ability to learn, sleep, stay awake during the day, and overall function with your peers. We want people to be healthy but at the same time regulate their eating habits in a healthy way where everyone can be included.

Why should other people care about this heart beat?

Other people should recognize this heartbeat because it's important to everyone's well being and health to be at a normal BMI range of weight. It's important for everyone to be happy and healthy with their self image and weight, but it's even more important to be at an appropriate weight because it can affect everyday performance, even school and social performance to the point where your grades can plummish and literally fall below average. Also you want to stay in fit for the self-image and confidence part. Everyone should be happy with themselves and this app will guarantee confidence if you follow regualtions and rules properly.

App Features

The benefits and features of Trackfat is just the everyday eating habits and health of people who care about what they eat. There will be a calender of your eating habits and a calorie counter at the bottom, of all the days added up or if you want just one day. Or, if you really want you could add up all the calories from a whole year! (The app will do it for you) it's a huge benefit and a good tool for everyone. The health features are HIGH SKY in Trackfat,including recommendations for the everyday meals you consume, giving you the calories and facts about the foods you need.\

Students Mapping this Heartbeat

Include your name and school code. Remember that no more than 3 people per school for MAD-Senior without permission. No more than 2 from one class period at a school. Please consult your teacher if you're not sure.
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