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Description of this Heartbeat

This app with help kids and teens with stress and sleeping disorders. it will do this by having music and activities that help calm them done and have quotes sent to you random times of the day.This will help by putting a schedule on their phone, so their phone will turn off at a time so they sleep for a long enough time and there phone will turn on and wake them up in the morning. EvaOPS

Why is this issue personal to you?

In other words, each student who is working on this heartbeat should give a personal example or story about why this is an important issue. Remember, don't reveal any personal information or information that you're not comfortable sharing. Consult with your teacher for ways to share this information in an appropriate way.
I get stress a lot and i think this will also help me by calming me done with drama and school tests that are the next day or up coming test, i also was looking for a app that will give me little quizzes for my test, Kylie

Research and Facts About this Heartbeat

  • Include facts and hyperlinks about this heartbeat topic to "make your case."

  • 25% of teens have anxiety
  • this app will also help bring up your grades it will have little Minnie quizzes to practice for a test

this is facts about anxity Fast facts about Anxiety
this link also help people that dont know they have anxiety know how it feels 11 anxiety facts
how to pervent insomnia https://sleepfoundation.org/insomnia/content/what-causes-insomniakylie
symptims of insomny http://www.webmd.com/sleep-disorders/guide/insomnia-symptoms-and-causes#1kylie

Why should other people care about this heartbeat?

because a lot of students have this problem and will also calm them done for a test.
Other people should care about this heartbeat because a.lot of people have sleeping disorder and when people don't sleep for the right amount of sleep they will act different, like if someone doesn't get enough sleep that may cause them them to act mad/ angry to other people and that will cause people to mean make to them or for them to lose your friends. If you have anixitey you may be scared to talk to people or talk about it, and they will get scared easly. Eva OPS

its not only for teens and kids but for adults too

App Features

After you've made your case and have the issues spelled out, you can start mapping out features that you think could be in an app.
  1. music
  2. calming sounds
  3. colouring pages
  4. Minnie quizzes
  5. quotes to help you through the day
  6. phone timer
  7. voices that help you through tough times and you pick a subject
  8. exercise trainer
  9. nutrition facts
  10. easy recipes that are

Heartbeat Creations

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Students Mapping this Heartbeat

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  • Kylie OPS
  • Eva clark OPS
  • Alicia OPS