The student handshake phase is a digital handshake designed to build relationships among project participants, who many live in diverse areas, embrace different cultures, or speak different languages.
To complete your student handshake, please consider the following:

  • Location (Geography, School, Mascot, Overview of the area - rural, urban, etc.)
  • Culture:
    • Food,
    • What do teens do on the weekends,
    • What types of things are important at your school (ie certain sports, certain activities, things you always say)
  • Social Issues that are sensitive in your area (optional but could go ahead and talk about problems if choose to)

Each school should have no more than 1 video per class period for a total amount of film 5-6 minutes. Please keep videos under 90 seconds.

Students: publish your videos on your School's Page below:


WHS - Westwood Schools
Hall County - Flowery Branch HS
DSBN - Fort Erie Secondary
CNMI - Marianas High School
DSBN - Edith Cavell PS
Locust Grove Middle School


Aldine - Grantham Academy
Seaforth Public School
DSBN - Orchard Park School
Maxine Smith STEAM Academy
Inman Elementary
Eagles Landing Middle
RCA - Ron Clark Academy
Coretta Scott King