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Description of this Heartbeat

this heartbeat is made for social interaction and group studying between students and colleagues.for normal chat/group chat and 1 to 1 or group studying

Why is this issue personal to you?

this issue is personal to me because i am always getting stopped by my parents from going out with my friends to study or just talk

Research and Facts About this Heartbeat

  • a fact about this heartbeat is that it can help with educational and social understanding with/between students.
  • this heartbeat can help with studying between students from different schools.

Why should other people care about this heartbeat?

people should care about this heartbeat because people tend to like online/social chat and this app includes social studying too.

App Features

this app has two separate pages page one including a normal social chat system and page two has group study you just choose your grade and the subject that you need to study for. you can create your account with a username and password. (inappropriate content is to be removed, if you don't remove that content your account will be discontinued (this is a feature)) backround is light blue.

Students Mapping this Heartbeat

  • BethanyS-OPS